Why choose coated lens
With the improvement of people's income, man pays more and attention to his own image, makings and security. Friends who wear glasses will be considered on the glasses. At this moment coated lens, for its surface refect little light, extremely is easy to express to the other side by eyes expression called "window of soul", and is favored extremely, it has other advantages, for instance: looking clearly , reduced degree of the color of the image formation is high, reduce the visual fatigue caused by that the surface reflects light in the lens while observing objects; Reduce the "enclosing and enclosing" phenomenon of the thick lens, have certain ability to resist the ultraviolet one, the stronger one resists and assaults ability; color of coated lens varied to increase beautiful result that wear, etc., all these are best reason for customer to choose coated lens.

                                     How to protect multi-coated lens
Generally speaking Multi-coated lens cannot appear quality problems easily, but some special circumstances may cause the lens to take off film.
Contact the acid chemical material, for instance: Hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid or long time exposed to environment of life and work. Exposed to acid material will lead to the lens surface appear spot form electing light point.
Contact the high-temperature material: Long time lens surface might take place the full of cracks phenomenon when putting in 60 above Centigrade environment. For instance: Put it in seat of the previous windowpane of the automobile
Contact the high-temperature material: When touch the high-temperature oil particles, the oil particle may be soaked into inside of layer, lens appearing takes off the film phenomenon. For instance: sputter oil on the surface drip in lens at the stir-fry, if not clear up in time, it may lead to film take off the lens phenomenon.
Contact the cigarette tar for a long time. For instance: Person that smoke for a long time and never wash frames on time may lead to the fat the rare be absorbed inside the lens and then ooze out from the inside gradually. Thus cause the lens to take off film.
Please wash the dirt of the lens surface with the branch water first while maintaining coated lens, if the dirt is still unable to get rid of ,can dip in a little neutral detergent to clean lens surface then clean rinse lens surface well with branch water and finally suck up some water mark leaving on lens surface with flexible glasses cloth of paper handkerchief.
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