About Us
1.Starting point of the resin lens production
the inspection of import raw materials, strict quality control
2.The mould of Europe and double-washing crafts of lens
Furnished with air-cleaning device, guarantee that the surrounding air is pollution-free Advanced double-washing make the products have qualitative leaps.
3.The whole computer controls solidification curve
Guarantee the the quality of every batch of lens is steady
4.Strengthen hard bottom coated + quality control
Strengthen hard bottom coated makes the lens surface brighter, cleaner and more wear-resisting The well-balanced two-sided coated removes all hidden dangers of breaking
5.Import automatic coated machine completely
The whole computer automatic control, super-high vacuum, an super-low frozen craft Dispel dangers of film taking off, guarantee Brute force of reduce coated and reflect-coated glue and shut.
6.All import coating medicines coated multi-reflect reduction film
Importing coating medicines completely, the unique one reduces and reflects the membrane to design Extremely high printing opacity rate and super-strong wear-ability
7.Quality guaranteeing/Final quality controlling
All lenses will be reached 12 Professional measuring Adopt the imitational latest hardness test and Firm degree test
8.Eamine the packaging automatically
Import the automatic bar code packer Avoid mixing power and incomplete substandard product be dispatched from the factory
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